Want to win all of this?!

Want to win all of this?!

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Guess what time it is?!

That’s right! The Boutique Awards are back! Voting is now live!




We have been so honored and humbled to be the 2018 and 2019 Montana Boutique of the Year. Just like everything we do, it wouldn’t be possible without you, our loyal VIPs. We try so hard to make YOU happy, and we hope that shows with our genuine customer service, fast shipping, and quality pieces.

If you feel like we deserve this award once again and you believe in what we stand for, we would be so honored to have your vote. We know there are so many amazing Montana boutiques, and we are thankful just to be recognized as one. If you would like to give us your vote (and your husband’s, and your kids’, and your mom’s, and whoever else has an email 😂), we would like to THANK YOU 🙏 by entering you in a drawing for these amazing goodies ($200+ value). If we win, we’ll also draw 5 more winners for $20 Roe River gift certificates.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of Roe River. We have carried our Montana Boutique of the Year title PROUDLY, and would feel so honored to get the chance again.



🌟 Go to https://theboutiqueawards.com/ and select Montana (you don’t have to live in MT)!


🌟 Type Roe River Clothing for favorite online boutique. We wouldn’t mind your vote for your favorite boutique worldwide either!


🌟 Screenshot and post in our Roe River Boutique Facebook group, on our Instagram, or email Jessi.roeriverclothing@gmail.com to enter!

(One vote per email per category. You can vote 1x in each category in each region during the voting period, not 1x/day).