Swim Goggles (3 week TAT)

Swim Goggles (3 week TAT)

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My household was always having issues with goggles… We needed them, but then we didn’t like how they fit, and we spent more time trying to fix them than actually wearing them! (And how many times had they been tangled in wet hair?!) But then we found these!!!! No more tangled hair. Fun, fashionable, comfortable. High-visibility, anti-fog lenses. Shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses. Hypoallergenic- latex and pvc free. Sensory friendly.

These were a huge hit last year, so we’re going to do a QUICK PREORDER so you get the styles/colors you want! 

$26 ORIGINAL style fits kids 3+ to adults. Original: Pineapple Crush, Rainbow Unicorn, Surfer, The Palms

$32 FACE MASK style fits youth ages 5-10 years old. Face Mask: Pastel Swirl, Over the Rainbow, Dino, Green Fusion