Pup Pack (2 week TAT)

Pup Pack (2 week TAT)

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We are doing these PUP PACKS a little different! You just need to comment sold and authorize your purchase so that we know you want it! As soon as we have enough interest, we’ll release them and you’ll be charged. 

1. Comment Sold
2. Click the link to access your account and preauthorize
3. Next you’ll be asked to put your payment info in. As soon as we release them, your card will automatically be charged.

These PUP PACKS are the perfect gift for your fur baby! Gift it for Christmas, a birthday, a gotcha day, or just any day! Each pack includes 1 bottle of “beer,” 3 “cigars,” 4 “candy bars,” and 2 bags of “animal crackers.”

-The bottle of beer is a Porky Pug Porter. It’s made in the USA with real human-grade meat and glucosamine for joint health. No added salt, fat, carbonation, or alcohol.

-The sausage cigars are made in the USA with 100% all natural turkey, beef, and lamb. No corn, wheat, or soy added.

-The candy car pack includes one candy bar of each peanut butter, carob, honey and oats, and peanut butter and carob chip. All have no animal by-products, no artificial flavors, no added salt, food colors, or chemical preservatives and are baked for maximum hardness to stimulate gums, cleanse teeth and help sweeten doggie breath. Sourced in the USA.

-The animal crackers are made with real peanut butter in fun animal shapes. No sugars, no fillers, no preservatives - no artificial anything. Made in the USA.  

Will ship in about 2 weeks.