Elf Helper Kit 2023 (Nov. ship)

Elf Helper Kit 2023 (Nov. ship)

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We’re super excited about this year’s Elf Helper Kit! 25 days worth of scenes, and they’re all new (we personally think each year just gets better and better!) If you’ve used our kit in the past, you already know how helpful it is, but you’re going to be blown away by the props this year! If you haven’t used our kit yet, you better make sure you get one this year, because, you know… FOMO!

You will receive 25 days worth of Elf Activities! Each day is outlined, so you don’t even have to think! You get detailed instructions, a daily note from the elf, and props to go with. These aren’t naughty ideas for the elves, just ideas of what to have them do each night… meaning you won’t have big messes to clean up! This kit is intended for use with one elf. If you have more than one elf, you may want to consider getting more than one kit.

If you have more than one child, you will want to get an Add On for each child so they will have their own items. Add Ons can ONLY be purchased with a kit.

Will ship November.

We have already seen similar kits for more than double our price!

Elf NOT included.


Pictures are examples of past kits.