Kids straw hat

Kids straw hat

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You’ve probably seen these popular straw hats all over social media, and we are now a retailer! With the high-quality straw, this hat will deliver a comfortable fit. Keep your face shaded from the sun as you embark on a full day outdoors. Perfect for the beach, boating, or staying protected for any outdoor activity. These straw sun hats are unisex for boys and girls, ages 4-12. Our straw hats have an internal head band to keep sweat off your face and insure a quality comfortable fit. The straw hats also have a pull string to allow for tightening and loosening throughout your adventure. 

A- Snow Military Camo

B- I’ve Cream

C- Pink Mermaid Scales

D- Baby Shark

E- Sunflower

F- American Flag

G- Tidal Waves 

H- Rave